One thing that has peaked my interest is the family tree of a few of our beloved Disney characters. The place and time that the films are supposed to take place makes sense and even the Atlantic currents do as well. It all starts with Jack Frost which was set in the late 1700s. The story goes that he saved his little sister from falling in the ice and because of his bravery, the moon granted him powers of a guardian. His little sister was also granted the gift of her first born child would have the powers of ice and snow, in memory of the brother that had died from falling in the cold water. That takes us to the mother of Frozen and Elsa who are cousins with Rapunzel because the moms is both films are sisters.

Tangled came out in 2012 and in 2015 was when Frozen came out and in the frozen movie when it says the parents had to leave it brought us back three years ago and Tangled came out three years ago. It may not make sense at this point but both movies take place in 1820 estimated. Frozen take place in Norway and for Tangled take place in Germany where geographically, there’s the North Sea separating them.

Denmark is in between Germany and Norway and is of the right of the North Sea. A movie that takes place in Denmark is the little mermaid. In the beginning of the film is it show Ariel exploring a sunken ship that has rotten away and broken apart in some places. The little mermaid takes place in the 1890’s which mean is it around 70 years later from Frozen and Tangled which would’ve given the ship that had sunk time to rot.

There’s another theory that Tarzan is sibling with the Frozen sisters because the parents didn’t die on the ship but part of the ship sank and part of it drifted away south where is crashed in Africa.

In Tangled, mother Gothel had been said that she had been using the power of the flower to keep herself young for hundreds of years. Which means that she could have been the evil Queen in snow white to also takes place in Germany in the mid to late 1500’s. The proof being, the years in between are explained, they are both obsessed with staying young and their looks, they are villains in both films, they use other people to their self-purpose like the huntsman and the evil twins, they both possess a dagger that looks very similar and their features and looks are quite similar.

Believe it or not, that there may be a hidden meaning behind all the Disney movies and they’re connected but the proof is there. To find out more just type in “Disney Easter eggs” or “Disney connections for more explanations.


This week I have begun a book. The book is about finding your voice and knowing when to tell someone the truth. Throughout the book, the reader is introduced to a problem which the protagonist had been involved in from the past. The entire book is written in a way that it doesn’t give away what happened at a house party that caused the protagonist to call 911. Throughout the book, the reader experiences all the struggles that comes with being shunned by your old friends, being hated by those who don’t know them, social embarrassment, bullying and cruelty from the high school teachers. In the beginning of the book, Laurie Halse Anderson wrote without saying what she directly meant, she wrote cue’s on what was being implied. She separated each character accordingly and repeated herself when describing each and every one. She categorized each one as the weird, strange girl who she barely knows or the jock that was good at every sport or even the girl that was popular and had many friends but hated her. Every reader or television show or movie fan knows these characters. They are used in almost every story. They are relatable and rememberable and which makes them timeless.

Laurie Halse Anderson did a great example of this in her book “Speak”. She introduced the main character and once the reader knew that, that was the protagonist she moved on and made connections with other characters one by one, differencing each character from on another so the reader won’t get confused with two characters that are similar. I hope that reading “Speak” will influence me, inspire me and give me ideas to how to character development in my own story.

Not every day it’s done

One of the first things that were eventful this week is that I had my road test. The test was way out in Gateway which took us a while to drive out there. We didn’t exactly know where the Autopac was so we drove around looking for signs until we saw it from across a parking lot. We arrived at the Autopac soon enough and we were told we had to drive in the building for the car check. The car check is basically to check if the brakes, signals and horn all worked on the car. After the car passed the check I was told to drive out and the instructor took me down the street, into a few suburban area where there were parked cars and houses and many stop signs. Eventually we went through a school zone which was in effect because the test was at 4:15. The instructor even took my through a few lights and one of them was in the middle of construction so it was fairly confusing. At the end of the test, we went inside and one of the first few words he said was congratulations and circled the word yes which was below the question “Qualified for Licence”.

A couple of days after that, I had an ortho appointment. I’ve had braces for about 2½ years and this week I have finally got them off. No more having to go in every 4-6 weeks for them to be tightened and the pain that would follow. When they took them off it was everything I had been told it’s like, so smooth and slippery. The only thing that I wasn’t told that it would feel almost empty.

When I got them off I then had to take a mold of my teeth for the retainer. It was about an hour until the retainer was made so I went to the place beside and got my nails done. I had trouble picking the color and ended up choosing the simply but classy color, black.

Another thing that doesn’t happen every day is having a winning streak with your hockey team. At the time we had a 5 game streak until we played and lost by one. The sole goal we scored was by our forward to who I passed to. I had received my first assist in the season and hope to get more as the season goes on.


One thing that was new to propel this week was CAPS. CAPS was an evening where propel and students from other schools in the Louis Riel School Division went to. It was hosted at the Louis Riel Board Office. At the board office there was tables that would have pamphlets and pens and lollypops that they would give out to students that asked for them. We were encouraged to walk around and ask questions at different tables to get some different perspectives on what our career should be.

When I first walked in I recognized no one. It wasn’t ill that I found someone I knew until later when started walking around. The person I knew was this girl in my Bio class and she was volunteering and she was recommending this contest where you sign up and you could win this 1000 dollar prize. I then went up to the table that was having this contest and I recognized the person who was working there too. Turns out he was a guest speaker at a camp that I went to three years ago. I walked up and said “This may sounds weird but I think I know you” and he turned and recognized me too. The table he was working at was this awareness to youth workers of getting hurt at the work place unnecessarily. With that at the table he asked me if I was working and I replied with yes and we talked about my teaching skating. The conversation died down and he gave me a lollypop and I was on my way.

When I left from there I ran into one of my propel friends and we hung out for the rest of the evening, walking table to table. There was a semi outside who were letting people inside and letting them do a simulator of what it’s like to drive a semi. In the simulator, I was driving in the city where there was a lot of lights and stop signs. I was good in the beginning except for a few wide or sharp turns. After I hit a school bus I kind of just gave up and tried to see how many things I could hit. I hit a post, a building, a cop car, a few people, and another car and ran countless stop signs.

Overall the experience at CAPS was pretty fun and it was nice to have the chance to talk to a series of people who were experts in their field and taught me a few things about different careers.

“Oh snap!”

Halloween for me started on November 1st 2015. That day I began thinking about what I should be for next. I went from being Harley Quin to Elastic girl to a cheer leader to being little red riding hood. Last year I was a black bunny and the year before that I was the red queen. For the red queen costume, I sewed my entire costume. I made a dress that had black sleeves with red down the middle in the front and front the waist-down I had a gold side for the skirt. From the lack of experience in sewing it didn’t turn out awful. This year I decided it would be fun to sew my red hood for little red riding hood. The first thing I did was I had to decide what color, length and what type of material I wanted. I went to the store and bought 2 yards of this red thin material the was soft to the touch.

It took me an evening to measure and cut the pieces that I needed. I started from the corner and measured out 26 inches and then drew a line. I made then from that point another 8 inches in the same direction and I measured another 26 inches again. From the middle point I cut a half a circle in the middle and from that half circle I drew out another half circle from both corners. I folded the ends inward and a did a simple sewing line along the edges, keeping it from tearing in the future. I then sewed my hood pieces together then attached them toward the middle of the half circle cape.

In between of the sewing stages I would go upstairs and bake some of the ginger snaps I was preparing. The ginger snap recipe was from off the internet and I make then all the time. I had all the ingredient from past baking. Baking the snaps weren’t overly long or hard but the longest part of the preparing was all the rolling I had to do with the dough. I would grab a piece of dough and roll it so the diameter was roughly an inch then I would roll it into a bowl filled with cinnamon sugar.

Halloween came around and I brought the snaps as part of the costume and I carried a basket filled with them around school and almost everyone wanted them. Some of them were asking if they could have two. I was indeed told they were the best they’ve tasted. It wasn’t just the people have told me that though. I have made a batch for a sleepover last year for my hockey team and every single person loved them. They have told me to even make another batch for this year but this time to double the batch.